lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2020

Xmas date wih Gina

How are you?

On Saturday Gina and I had a Xmas date鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-1a4d3eb496a29eb7519b2270d1bd02d4c775.gifはーと

I only had 1h to get ready (I wanted to do my hair but I couldn't)
Anywaysss, at least I liked my makeup 

eyemake closeup


(Wearing my new bootsハート②)

ready to go--ハート!

I met Gina in the bus!
Lookin' pretty 目

鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0252.gif

Our hand sanitizers 
(It's very... US)


We went to the mall!


Co*De pic at Claire'sキラキラ

as always they had tons of cute things


She got me the middle ones w just because I mentioned they looked cute W
I gotta be carefull with her!  

We did some quick makeup 鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0091.gifshopping and left

We ,then, went to the main st鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0257.gif


 we also wanted to go  to SBY and it was getting very crowded there (ew)

So we went for a coffee, because SBY was still closed (it was too early)

When we take pics together it always starts cute...

鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0252.gif

but then (very quickly) we just show our tru colors

鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0194.gif
(Sephora price range is
チョ ベリ バ)

& back to being fake

Gina's phone makes us look very cute




Finally went to SBY after being silly at the café w
And again we found ourselves in objects
鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-20090518002121.gif

鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-Image0012.gif

Thank you Gina for this day, really鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0223.gif!

We always have TONS OF fun 

lastly let me show you my
NEWGETSSSSS from that day

(mY FAVE SETTIN' SPRAYYY!!! FINALLYYYY could get a replacement)

The Claire's bangles Gina got me and a blue hand sanitizer+ free extras

oNLY 4 DAyS to Xmas--!

SEE YA鈴木あやオフィシャルブログ『てちてちぽっちゃま』 Powered by Ameba-DIMG0116.gif!!!

4 comentarios:

  1. OMGGG you look fabb!! I really love your outfitsss...Seems like your claires has tons of cute stuff, the last time I was able to go to claires was when I was in nuremberg about 2 months ago, since we don't have claires here where I live. Unfortunately they didn't have many bright stuff, lots of it was just rhinestone-stuff. I expected to see more colours T.T you are lucky! <3

  2. You know I'm OBSSESED with you outfit it's the perfect Christmas co*deT_T and LOL finding yourselves in object is LIFE ITSELF ww
    Also I saved your makeup pics cause the make + nails I can die for thanks xx

  3. You're too adorable!!! Love this look so much ♥ And those are really cute bangles. I have a problem too at Claire's. I can never walk out empty-handed XD

  4. Gosh I love this co*de so so so so much!!! You always have the best outfits I swear <3 I'm glad you had a fun day!


Xmas date wih Gina

How are you? On Saturday Gina and I had a Xmas date I only had 1h to get ready (I wanted to do my hair but I couldn't) Anywaysss, at lea...